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Company Overview

Giggidy Advertising in Worcester MA started in 2008 during the global recession with the simple goal to provide fresh ideas and pure results to clients in need of advertising in Massachusetts. Our accountant thought that we were mad. But we built a business and reputation around building branding in Massachusetts and getting results in tough conditions.

It was a rigorous testing ground for a new advertising agency; SPECIALIZING in market research in Worcester MA and website development in Massachusetts; but one that added to our character and our clients.

"What does Giggidy mean? Glad you asked. Giggidy is a word that expresses ULTIMATE SATISFACTION; which is what we intend all of our clients to feel from our work."

Fresh Ideas. Pure Results

Times are tough but we see opportunity.

Consider this from AC Neilsen: "In recessions, companies that invested more in marketing grew 274% in the first year post recession versus only 19% growth for those companies that pulled back spending."

To get the most from your precious marketing and advertising dollars, contact us today!

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